How To Build Quality Backlink Easily?

Getting EDU backlink from EDU domains -
Tips and trick to link building easily – Every weblog needs backlinks. No matter the niche of the blog or site, they’ll always needs some backlinks. The experts says that content is the king and backlink is the queen. I guess that is true, because without some backlinks our blogs will never able to compete with the other blog.

So, how to link building with some easy ways?

Quality is the priority. We have to get some backlinks for our blog, but we have to build backlink which have quality. Do not only focus to link building, we have to build more quality backlinks because without quality the backlink seems unnecessary. Beside that, we have also to get some backlinks from site or blog which have same niche with our blog.

Here are few steps to get more quality backlinks  easily

Guest Blogging on your Niche:
It is always necessary for a blog or site to be successful, it has to reach many readers. And Guest Blogging is one way to provide it. Search for famous blogs on your niche then be a guest blogger.

Backlinking to your own Social profiles and Pages:
I assume that you have your social media profiles where you find yourself social to others. Buils backlink from your social profiles.

Link to Directories, Forums:
There are thousands of web directories out there to link your posts as similar to RSS Directories. Some of the link directories are even payable to backlink your blog posts. These are of  great SEO Value to your blog.

Getting EDU backlink from EDU domains

All site related to the keyword:

All page in a site, ex:

Blog engine:
“KEYWORD” “Notify me when new comments are added” +”Powered by BlogEngine.NET”

Movable Type blog:
“KEYWORD” “comment anonymously” + “Email Address” + “Powered by Movable Type”

WordPress blog:
“KEYWORD” “name” + “email” + “powered by wordpress”

Blog2evolution blog:
“KEYWORD” “Your email address will not be revealed on this site.” + “Your URL will be displayed.”

ExpressionEngine blog:
“KEYWORD” “comment” “Powered By ExpressionEngine” –forum

Drupal blog:
“KEYWORD” “Your name” “Subject” “Comment” inurl:comment/reply/1

When you build backlink, it must be natural. Do not build too many backlinks in just short time because search engine will band your site or blog. Build backlink slowly, you can link building 10 links in  a day.

No matter how many your blog’s posts, when you don’t have enough backlinks your blog will never be appear in the first page of SERPs.