A Little Story of Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji Pic - Exnim
Linda Ikeji - Img: Linda Ikeji's Blog
Did you know who is Linda Ikeji? If you don't know yet, this post is going to discuss a little things of Linda Ikeji.

Linda Ikeji is most successful blogger who is blogging through Blogger platform which also familiar named blogspot. By blogging with blogspot, Linda got lot of online income from her blog (lindaikeji.blogspot.com).

Before decided to blogging, back in a few years ago Linda was a model. Linda was also a fashion columnist for a struggling celebrity magazine, and after two years of toiling in the news room, she finally gave up.

A few years ago, blogging was still sound new in Nigeria, and Linda was feeling great to started blogging at that moment. Then Linda decided to started blogging in 2006. Month by month, year by year has been passed by, and now days Linda Ikeji is becoming one of the most successful blogger in the world.

Linda Ikeji's blog generates lot of money every month through various monetize programs, including Google Ads, Dynamo Ads, and also self advertisement. This time, Linda has several writers to help her write various news and articles to make her blog rich of contents.

Linda Ikeji's Cars

Infiniti FX35

Toyota Camry 2008

Linda Ikeji can live well from blogging. She could buy expensive cars and any luxury goods if she wants. So, what about you? is she inspires you? share your words in the comment form.