Trick Getting AdSense High CPC For Lower CPC Keyword (Proven by Me)

Ways to Increase Adsense CPC
Google AdSense is the leading online ad network on Pay Per Clik (PPC) basis which allows blogger or webmaster monetize their weblogs with no limit. By becoming AdSense publisher you can generate online money through your weblog faster than finding direct advertiser.

 Cost Per Click (CPC) will determine how much will you earn form AdSense every month. And I guess you are already know that there are a few factors causing your CPC either higher or lower. There are two main factors which will determine how expensive ad click on your blog, the first is keyword, and the second is visitor country.

So, how about if you already taken a lower CPC keyword or you’ve done building a blog which contains lot of keywords out of high AdSense CPC. By this post I am Going to tell you a few factors to increase AdSense CPC that I had proved it by myself.

Keep Getting Lower CPC on AdSense? Don’t be afraid, here are a few things you can do that will increase your CPC drastically.

Write Longer Article
Try to write article not less than 300 words/article. Article which contain less of words is indicates that the article is poor,  Google and advertiser doesn't like it. Recommend, 800-100 words/article.

Ads Number
Google allows you to implement 3 AdSense for content, and 3 link unit on a page. Use only 2 AdSense for content of you use link unit. Avoid to implement too many AdSense codes for better relevancy.

Ads Position
In my experience, the better ads location is inside of article. Firs ads locate on the first paragraph (under post title), second in the middle of post, and the third at the bottom of article.

Ads Size
Please use a different ad size. You can use 336x280 under post title, 300x250 in the middle of article, and 468x60 at the last of article. If you use link unit, I guess you better use 728x15 for maximum Click Through Rate (CTR)

Do Not Replace Ad Code With The New One
For experiment purpose, you can replace ad code with the new one. But, avoid to keep replacing ad code with the new one if you wish to get high CPC. Make the codes stay in their first place, and do not replace the codes.


makasih gan tipsnya, baru mau nyoba terjun ke adsense nih

Thats GREAT, Thanks for your information :)

saya rasa klik dari luar negara yang sangat berpengaruh gan.