Tips To Increase Adversal Earnings

Tips To Increase Adversal Earnings
Adversal is an cost per miles (CPM) ad program that can be an AdSense alternative for blogger or webmaster who wants monetize their own blogs. Honestly, there are no better Ads programs like Google AdSense at this time, but Adversal is the best one based on CPM.

If you have a blog which has lot of page views, Adversal seems to be the right for you. I am not sure, how much you can earns for every 1000 impression of ads. But, this CPM program will pay more their publisher when traffics are coming from US or Canada. If your traffic is coming from Asia, then you need to drive higher traffic to increase your revenue.

Getting Adversal account approve should be easy. You don't need to spend lot of time to register your blog as Adversal publisher. Make sure your blog could achieve 50k pageviews in a month, don't do plagiarism, do not links your blog to the site that contains adult material, then apply your Adversal account, and I am sure you will be approved as a publisher.

Ready to be an Adversal publisher? Please Sign Up, and try to generate online income from this CPM ad program.

Now we steps to the next level. As a publisher of Adversal ads, I do believe you will be asking how to increase CPM ad earnings on Adversal? According to my experiences as an Adversal publisher within more than a year, I did implemented 4 things that can increase my earnings. Here are 4 things that you can try and implement them on your blog.

1. Do not only focus to increase traffic
That's right, traffic is the main gun, but you have also find way to increase your blog pageview. Remember, Adversal is based on CPM, not pay per click (PPC).

2. Use a different ads size
There are many ads size you can choose. No matter what ad size you are going to choose, I recommended you to generate the different size code because it can generates more revenue.

3. Locate ads at the strategic places
This is the most important one. Even Adversal is an CPM ad, but this way is still useful to increase earnings. Strategic places to locate the ads is on side bar for 160x600 banner, locate 728x90 ad banner at below post tittle, and 300x250 ad banner in the end of article.

4. Do not change ad code too many times
You must be do experiences my experiences with the other could be different, but keep in mind that changing ad code for too many times will causes your earnings unstable.

Finally, there is no an instant way to increase earnings. Do implement the matter things like I said above, be patient, and watch the different of what you have done. Good Luck and I wish you can be a successful blogger with lot of income.