4 Indonesian Artists That Ever Stumbled Immoral Case

The film industry in this country is never separated from the charm of a beautiful face famous artists. They always sow good charm when his diving filming or when dealing with members of the media, especially the media who covered the ins and outs of the world of entertainment.

Of the many beautiful artists who graced the world of film in Indonesia, there are a number of names who've stumbled cases immoral. In fact, these are the names of the top artists who always showed his face in various television channels.

Who are beautiful artist Indonesia were never in trouble in case of immoral? Here are four of the top artists Indonesia that had become the scorn of many people because of involvement in immoral:

Luna Maya

1. Luna Maya
The tall beautiful artist been involved pretty horrendous cases immoral society. Video agency relationship with former lover and her, Ariel Noah made it into the spotlight a lot of people over a long time.

Cut Tari

2. Cut Tari
Cut Tari was a top presenter who is also a patron of these involved cases immoral with the same man, namely Ariel Noah. Worse yet, when it was flawless and sexy woman is still a man's wife.

Tyas Mirasih

3. Tyas Mirasih
Despite continued denied that he was involved in the prostitution online until now, but some people believe that the sexy actress is a true phenomenon of the booming online prostitution case did involve herself.

Amel Alvi

4. Amel Alvi
Artist's initials AA alias Amel Alvi found engaging in prostitution case online. When brought to the court as pimps artist Robby Abas, Amel Alvi cover the entire face with a black color clothing. He was released and its status as a victim.