How to be sexy for your boyfriend

You may asked yourself "how to be sexy for my boyfriend?". Yeach.. maybe you are really wanna be a sexy girl for someone who you loves.

By this post I am going to share some useful tips that you can implement them then you can be a sexy girl as you wish to be.

So, what you need to do in order to become a sexy girl in the eye and in the heart of your boyfriend? Actually not many things you have to do. Just follow these simple steps then you will be:

Fix your hair

How to be sexy for your boyfriend

The simple things # 1 that you can do is fix your  hair. We get comfortable in a relationship and the first thing to go is our hairstyle. Do you remember when you used to spend hours getting your hair just right for your guy? When did that stop? I imagine that ended somewhere around the time you became comfortable with each other.

Wear lipstick

How to be sexy for your boyfriend

What next that you can do to become the sexy girl for your boyfriend? Did you know that, on a subconscious level, lipstick makes men think of having sex? That’s right, and it makes sense really. That is also the reason women wear lipstick…in order to make men think of having sex with them. Put on some flattering red lipstick or a little bit of shiny gloss and lick your lips when he looks at you. It’s hard not to be sexy when you’re wearing lipstick.

Put on your best jeans or skirt

How to be sexy for your boyfriend

What next that you have to do? its simple! Some men prefer jeans, others prefer skirts. Either way, the point of this is to wear whatever he thinks is sexiest on you. Does he have a favorite dress he likes to see you in? Does he prefer your tight skinny jeans or your ripped concert jeans? That low cut top with his favorite bottom is a combination designed to make his jaw drop.

Buy a new nightie

How to be sexy for your boyfriend

The last easy way that you can implement to become a sexy girl for your boyfriend is buying a new nightie.

Men are visual creatures and sometimes looking sexy for your man means looking sexy for yourself as well. Don’t go to bed in your sweatpants and an old t-shirt tonight, go out and buy yourself a flattering nightie instead. You can wear a night gown or a leather camisole, whatever you feel is sexy is what you should put on for him. If you can’t find a nightie you like, wear a long dress slip [they double as a sexy gown].

So, any others hat you want to share?